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World kitchen by Shiran is a worldly inspired concept by chef Shiran Mieras. The concept is based on personal experiences, culinary perceptions and backgrounds of all major world-renowned cuisines.

Based on French classic cuisine, superior dishes are created by enriching with intimate and honest flavours from many world cuisines. At the World kitchen by Shiran we aim to make a significant impression with traceable influences of natural and refreshing ingredients. We invite you to join us on this culinary journey in the form of Lunch, early dinner, take-away or home delivery.

When choosing take-away and home delivery, you can choose to use recyclable packaging or porcelain. By choosing porcelain, we offer you the choice of a sustainable and tasteful option.

We also offer you the option of high-quality kitchen in the intimate atmosphere of your own home, where Shiran will cook at your home. We would be happy to discuss this with you.

World kitchen by Shiran is open Wednesday to Sunday from in the evening. Open in the afternoons by reservation only. Reservations and orders can be made online or by telephone

Tel: 040-2117115 | +31-6-21400196
Online: info@worldkitchenbyshiran.nl